Professional Counseling

Fees & Policies


Jessica Almond, LPC

Phone Consultation (30 minutes): Free

Initial Intake (45 minutes): $120.00

Counseling Session (45 minutes): $120.00

Counseling Interns

Initial Intake (45 minutes): Free

Counseling Session (45 minutes): $25.00-$80.00

Sliding Scale--Income Based

We offer a sliding scale fee, the minimum fee is $25 a session and the maximum is $80.  The fee per session is determined by combining the total annual household income and multiplying by 0.1%.  So, if the total annual household income is $60,000 then the fee would be $60/session.  If the total household income is $20,000 then the fee would be $25/session.


Telephone Calls

Calls longer than 15 minutes with existing patients are pro-rated from the hourly therapy rate

(and cannot be billed to insurance).


We do not accept insurance, however, if you belong to a plan that pays for out of network services, documentation will be provided in order for you to request reimbursement.  Submission and responsibility to know whether our services are redeemable through insurance lie with the patient.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the difficulty of scheduling missed or cancelled appointments, 24 hour notice must be given in order to avoid being charged for the missed session.  Bad weather is the exception.  If you cancel three appointments, we will discuss issues that may indicate the need for another therapeutic plan.